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I never want to stop learning about Earth Food. As time goes on, I'm sure we will tweek our food choices here and there. The guidelines may SEEM rigid, but when it comes to Cancer, I'd rather be strict and have treats here and there then not care enough. After years of trying all the different fad diets and never being able to keep the weight off- the fact is, sugar and starch are my main issues. Also for Phil sugar is a toxin that cancer feeds off of. So really that's where it starts!

Don't fret! This blog is dedicated to creating look-alike, taste-alike recipes that are actually good for your soul. And so many blogs and books out there have amazing recipes that follow our way as well! Remember every one has a different make up, and some foods work well with you and some don't. But for Phil and I, I have come up with the basic foods and ways of eating that work great for us.

Eat food from happy farms, where Earth Food is treated like it is special.

ORGANIC. Never underestimate the power of pesticides. They are toxic. Like toxic waste... would you ingest turpentine? Realize that spending a bit more on organic will add years to your life. And the way you feel- SO different. Remember, food is the fuel we run on. Feeling horrible, with low energy, depressed, headaches, etc can all come from pesticides. Imagine eating so clean that the happiness of Earth Food glows from your inside out! Energy, happiness, contentment and pride come from eating clean- and it just feels great to be in control of your health.

EAT LOCAL. It just makes sense. Support independent, love-filled farms! They deserve our support, and you really can't beat the sheer quality of these goodies. Go to your farmer's market for an inspiring day of shopping- go early for best picks, go just before closing for best bulk deals. As far as meat goes, check out EatWild, where you can find local farms which you can buy bulk cuts from. You could even go visit a few farms, scouting out what you really want to support- and save on shipments. You will end up saving alot of $ in the end. Now that would be a fun date!

break it down now...

-Every morning: Start your day with a small glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon in it. This does many great things for your body, but most of all it prepares the stomach with extra and much needed acid for your upcoming breakfast that you are cooking while sipping it...

-Vegetables and fruit must be organic (except for the clean 15), preferably local and in season. To wash well, fill clean sink up half way with warm water and dump in a good cup or two of vinegar. Throw in the produce and let sit for 15 mins. Swoosh around here and there during that time. Then rinse it all, and dry. Put everything in their own bags/containers and see how easy it is to throw together that fresh juice or salad today. As far as juicing goes, DO IT. One glass a day, all veg with one or two fruit thrown in. remember to peel the fruits/veg that aren't organic, or that shouldn't be ingested.

-Animal protein must be organic, grass-fed and raised on happy, local'ish farms. Look for farms that are far from major hwys, ultimately close to a natural water source or mountains and lots of trees so they are getting fresh air. The animals should have lots of room to play, hang out, run around, sleep, etc. Remember animals have one life to live, support farms that give those animals the best life they could have.

-Eggs must come from pastured, happy, flappy and free chickens. Grass and bugs, not grain. If you get the word out, you'll probably find out that one of your workmate's friends raises chickens in the backyard, or you might hear about a farm stand. Whatever it takes, get quality eggs cause you'll be eating them daily. Remember, unless the carton says "Pastured" (not pasteurized, that's totally different), that means the hens are being raised on corn or something like it. Corn is basically sugar. The yolks should be BRIGHT yellow/orange. If they are pale, they are from sad, sick chickens. Remember if you are eating sadness, you will be sad. If you are eating happiness, you'll be happy.

-Probiotic yoghurt must be homemade, with organic, local, raw milk. Invest in a yoghurt maker if you please. If you are lactose intolerant you can make raw goat milk yoghurt instead.

-Dairy. Stick to organic, grass-fed, raw cheeses. They are DELICIOUS. Keep servings small. Any and all milk will have a certain amount of teat puss in it. Do you really wanna gulp that? Stick to homemade nut milks or coconut milk. They are delicious! Enjoy organic whole milk or whipping cream on the weekend as a treat- but keep the serving small. If you feel comfortable, raw is best. When it comes to animals, I find it very hard to ingest them or anything squeezed out of them. But for the benefit of my brain and weight issues, healthy animal proteins are a must. Don't support scary, disturbing and horrific farms by buying cheap meat and milk. Just don't. Not only are animals treated like soulless machines but are tortured also. If you are going to spend more on anything, make sure it is your meat. Ingesting sad, tortured animals is not good for you!

-Nuts must be organic and raw. They are okay in small amounts. Walnuts are best. Peanut butter is not a nut, but a legume- it is questionable but to me too delicious to give up. Most peanut butters are made with moldy, gross and cheap peanuts. ONLY buy organic, high quality stuff. Then you don't have to feel guilty. Great on a piece of 85% Green & Black's dark chocolate after dinner!

-Beans must be organic. They are okay once in a while, if sprouted or soaked well.

-Seeds must be organic, and are great for you. Get the best kinds through berries.

-Caffeine. Cut it out. I know this is a nightmare. But just know that caffeine spikes your blood sugar and actually messes up your insulin release system. That's a hormonal issue. Pretty serious. It can actually make your depression and stress worse. If you can't go without your coffee or tea, invest in the highest quality organic kind you can find and have one or two a week. You can break the habit! Find beautiful teas, I will help w suggestions.

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-No grains! Sorry to burst your bubble, but the body really doesn't NEED them. If you are totally fit and very energetic with your workouts, then enjoy some grains. Like wild rice, oat bran, that sort of thing. Just always steer clear of gluten. Most everyone is intolerant to it and it can destroy your gut slowly. Sad to say, it's basically poison. Nut and coconut based breads are easy to make and delicious. You won't go crazy, there are wonderful alternatives. Even pasta made out of beans! Search the net and you'll find some great stuff.

-Sugar. I saved the best for last. Or the hardest! Sugar causes disease, and it alone feeds cancer more then any other food. If we continue to ignore that it is toxic and not that much different then speed- well we will just get sicker and sicker until it is too late. We are too smart and too far along in the healthy revolution to keep eating this crap. There are a handful of alternatives that you will love and you won't even miss sugar at all. If you have one main health issue, go off sugar and see how it will disappear. Our bodies are alerting us to "stop please!!" Palm sugar is very much like normal sugar and acts like it too. Go buy it today and fall in love. Raw green stevia is nice, if you don't mind a slight aftertaste. The white stevia is toxic- how could a green plant turn into white powder? Something's not quite right there. Agave nectar, maple syrup and honey are better then table sugar, but still will effect the glycemic index quite a bit. As a treat, that's fine, but everyday-no. Raw, clear honey is the best health-wise, so I'd probably choose that out of the three.

-Chocolate/cocoa/cacao. There are many differing views on this amazing and wonderful food. Phil and I try to be balanced although strict enough to heal more and more each day. I feel that very dark chocolate with little sugar in it, and in small doses is a-ok. Cocoa if raw and organic is fine in my eyes, but also has caffeine in it, so don't overkill. Raw cacao nibs can replace chocolate chips. I have no tried them yet, but I've heard they're great. A little should go a long way. Make the rule that if you are going to have chocolate of any sort, the sugar should be almost non-existent. You can make your own with just coconut oil, cocoa, almond/coconut milk and palm sugar in a sauce pan in under 5 mins! If you want it to be hard, put it in a mold of your choice and throw in freezer. No need to panic if you can't find "healthy" chocolate. DIY that stuff!

Feel free to comment below with any questions. 
Go here to learn what an average daily menu looks like. 

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